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Today, many organisations realise that there is an urgent need for high quality translations in order to stand out and portray a positive, credible image to their clients. To ensure the output is of the very highest standard, I only translate and interpret into my mother tongue German. 

My specialist fields are the Environment, sustainable Business, Sports and Nutrition. However, I have been known to familiarise myself quickly with new topics and relay them into the accurate terminology. I work with clients such as the United Nations World Food Programme, The African Conservation Foundation, Nestle, Red T, ASICS, Sky Sports and Fire & Food Magazine. 


“A perfect translation is one you don't notice. It has to sound and read as if it was never translated.”

— Kristina Stuempges


What I guarantee


Professional & Confidential

You can rely on a responsive, helpful and proactive contact to ensure that the translation process is smooth and efficient. It almost goes without saying, that I provide a positive, professional 'can-do' attitude and that I treat every translation/interpretation with utmost discretion - at all times. 

What I offer


You will receive an accurately written translation which can often be completed even before your deadline ends. The final text will reflect your organisation's unique style and tone, while reading as if it was originally written in German.


Interpreting can be conducted in either simultaneous mode (in 'real-time', usually with a headset and microphone), or in consecutive mode (note-taking while the speaker speaks for a period of time, and delayed rendition of what was said). I will advise you on the best mode of interpretation to perfectly suit your requirements. 




German native speakers in Europe and official language of 6 EU countries, plus Switzerland


Germany is currently the 4th largest economy in the world


German is the 2nd most important scientific language globally